S h I F t W O R K

Creating CONNECTION  | Restoring COMMUNICATION | Transforming CONFLICT | Envisioning CHANGE


ShIFtwork - the work of shifting our perspective and position and

learning how to navigate the tricky business of disagreement and conflict.   


Shift - “a slight change in position, direction, attitude or emphasis. To change and idea or opinion”


IF we can listen and understand another's perspective, 

IF we can feel safe and supported and be heard,

IF you’re willing and open to to talk about the hard stuff ….

THEN, with renewed connection, understanding and trust, new possibilities emerge, for living and working with greater harmony and peace. 

Conflict is such a normal part of being human; it’s no fault in one or another.  

We’re typically not taught how to navigate disagreement and conflict or how to come through it  in a productive way, and most of us have some bad experiences with conflict that we bring with us into adulthood. 


Rather than conflict being divisive and destructive, or an ending, can you let conflict be an an opening into new possibilities and potential? 


The essence of what we do at Shiftwork is about connection; we work to understand what creates it, what enhances it, what busts it apart and what restores it, because as humans we are at our best when we are connected to ourselves, to each other, to nature and to our deeper passions. 


Stuck in conflict ?

Stuck in the past and wanting to move forward?

Stuck with regards to communication ?

  Or just plain old stuck and stale? 

We are in the business of helping you get unstuck.

We work with groups, organisations, families, couples and individuals, to understand what is going on, and where you want to go.

...And we're with you all along the way,  to sustain those shifts and support you into where you want to be. 



Sunny Goddard BHSc (Comp Med.)


Sunny has 30 years experience in wholistic health and complementary medicine, counselling, mindfulness and stress management. She developed a “detective perspective” to understand the what led to that breakdown in health, and how together, can we repair harm and restore wellness.


In working with groups of people, the approach is very similar. 


Sunny brings with her, several years of applied experience in the live 'petri-dish' of community life, learning and growing with what works and what doesn’t. 




We work with community groups, workplaces, teams/couples, families and individuals. 




ShIFtwork offers:

  • Tailor made workshops and education for your group 

  • Restorative Coaching and support

  • Compassionate / Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

  • Co-creative group process and facilitation

  • Intentional circle process work

  • Restorative Circles for conflict transformation

  • Public speaking  


G R O U P   W O R K: 

1. Restorative coaching and support

2. Restorative practices, Nonviolent Communication

    - Workshops and education


3. Intentional Circle Process work

  Circle processes are used to open, support and transform many different        situations. These include, but are not limited to… 

  • Healing and reconciliation
  • Transitioning through difficult times 

  • Decision making

  • Relationship building

  • Envisioning and strategic planning

  • Deep listening and enhanced communication

( - and even acknowledgement and celebration ! )


4. Restorative Circle Process for conflict transformation


5. Public Speaking about any of the above restorative practices.


There are no “off the shelf ” products or workshops. Congruent with a restorative approach, all experiential group development work, staff education and Intentional Circle processes are highly individualised and tailored to your group.






Sunny: 0421 002 717