Bringing community building events to the Bega Valley

Not sure of the way ahead? 

Or perhaps you know where you want to end up, and don’t know how to get there?


Sometimes it's about helping your group to arrive on the same page, aligning shared vision and shared needs. Other times, as long as there is clarity around where you all intend to go together, being on different pages along the way can be a real asset. 


We co-create with your group, shared processes, practices and activities to draw out of each of your team, their richest contribution, and welcoming the diversity in that. Using this raw information, together we craft a way forward towards a shared vision, together. 


At no time do we suggest that we have the answers to your questions. In fact we're certain we don’t. 

Working on community has taught us to trust in the innate resources of the group and that, given the right conditions and support, those people can connect with their own confidence, know-how and creativity so that exactly what needs to emerge, in order to move forward, can do so. 

No one knows your work, your situation, your project, what you want and need,  better than you all do, and our job at Shiftwork is to create a way to potentiate this.


This is preparing the ground.

Together we plant those germinating seedlings into that fertile ground, and we are with you as they grow.


Shiftwork employs various ways of creating safety, structure and space to listen to one another and to be heard and understood, such as the practices below…



Restorative and co-creative approaches used:

Intentional circle process

Compassionate Nonviolent communication

Presence in Nature

Art of Hosting practices (Open Space technology, World cafe)


Stress and stress management physiology 

and a suite of other participatory creative work / play practices 

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