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 Intentional communities



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At the heart of shiftwork is a committed way of working that designs practices, workshops, coaching and training designed to create connection. 

Our commitment to restorative practices at every level, from conception through design to implementation and support and ongoing practice, ensures  you and your group stay on track.


This is a foundational piece. Everything comes back to creating connection with ourselves, with each other,  those we live and work with, and the wider community at large. 


There are various approaches used, born out of understanding and experiencing what actually works in the real world.


Connection begins with each one of us; it's our inner compass.

So to become clear what is really important to us, and learning to listen for what is really important to others, we have a solid footing on how to move forward together, connected and aligned. 

Restorative and co-creative approaches used:

Intentional circle process

Compassionate Nonviolent communication

Appreciative Enquiry

Presence in Nature

Art of Hosting practices (Open Space technology, World cafe)


Stress and stress management physiology 

and a suite of other participatory creative work / play practices. 

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